RCM-X Execution: The cost you can manage

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What is RCM-X?

RCM-X was launched as a subsidiary of RCM Alternatives in 2017 to provide trading technology and risk management services to the professional trading and investment management space. The company controls a library of execution algorithms available via front end platforms, builds custom algorithms for clients with unique parameter needs, and sells and supports the implementation of Strategy Studio software for those looking to design a solution themselves.
Who is RCM-X?
The RCM-X Algo team is led by Managing Partner – Joseph Signorelli, CIO/Head of Algorithmic Trading – David Don, and Head of Sales – Mike Auffman, with a team of 10 engineers and a 6 person 24hr support desk exhibiting deep experience creating custom algorithms for prop trading firms and other speed and market impact sensitive traders. Meet the team. 
Why RCM-X:
Traders need the best possible execution algorithms in today’s increasingly automated world, both for performance enhancement and as a fiduciary. Our algo team is skilled in understanding market data and exchange matching engine microstructure, with algos tuned per product and built on high speed, robust technology stacks; all with the flexibility to offer custom solutions for those whose execution needs are beyond the abilities of vanilla, off-the-shelf algorithms.
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