March Manager Performance Snapshot


 Program  Last Month  YTD Minimum
Cayler CapitalQ 14.94% 18.72% 125K
Red Rock Commodity Long Short 13.16% 25.15% 500K
Jaguar AegirQ  9.14% 10.79% 1MM
Aquantum Commodity 3.58% 7.87% 5MM
Aquantum EnergyQ 2.20% 7.46% 5MM
Emil Van Essen SpreadQ  -1.17% -15.66% 5MM
Auspice Short TermQ -1.27% 0.17% 5MM
Caerus Group Oil Futures Trading Program -1.64% -18.06% 200K
Catalyst Hedged Commodity (CFHIX)  -4.32% -0.70% 2.5K
EVE InfrastructureA -23.91% -38.20%  100K



 Program  Last Month  YTD Minimum
Covenant Total Volatility Fund 35.33% 29.72% 100K
Orion Beta OpportunityQ 11.29% 37.20% 100K
Pearl Hedged VIXQ 7.34% 3.64%  500K
Deep Field Vol ArbQ 7.09% 11.65% 500K
Deep Field ICCQ 1.13% 2.44% 500K
Certeza Macro VegaQ -7.80% -8.20% 1MM


Short Term

 Program  Last Month  YTD Minimum
Breakout Funds 7.67% 12.96% 1MM
Adalpha 4.92% 7.53% 1MM
Systematic Alpha F/X 3.39% 3.54% 3MM
Deep Field ICAQ 0.15% 9.31% 1MM
Numeri Intraday 0.00% 0.11% 500K
Linnis ONE -6.70% 1.60% 500K



 Program  Last Month  YTD  Minimum
Gamma Q CommodityQ 3.50% 0.85% 5MM
Wharton -0.17% 2.67% 100K
Alternative Capital Advisors -0.18% -1.18% 100K
 Sector Arc -0.61% -0.05% 250K
Four Seasons Hawkeye Not Yet Reported 500K



 Program  Last Month  YTD  Minimum
EMC Classic 14.63% 16.96% 5MM
The GEM Fund, LLC 13.80% 2.63% 100K
Red Rock Global Macro 4.15% -6.55% 500K
Standpoint Funds (BLNDX)  2.42% -2.80% 25K
County Cork Acclivity Program Low Leverage (LL)Q -0.16% -0.42% 500K
EMC Alpha PlusQ -0.63% -1.92% 3MM
Campbell – Managed FuturesQ  -0.97% 6.86% 500K
EVE Global Tactical Allocation ProgramQ -1.27% 1.16% 1MM
MaCX EvolutionQ -1.40% -2.50% 3MM
Catalyst Multi-Strategy Fund (ACXIX) -5.70% -6.98%  2.5K
Rational Resolve (I) (RDMIX)  -6.72% -5.18% 1K



 Program  Last Month  YTD Minimum
AlphaCentric Premium Opportunity 1 (HMXIX)  17.32%  13.95% 2K
Warrington TacticalQ  0.01% 0.00% 500K
Rational Tactical Return Fund (HRSTX)  0.00%  0.35% 2K
Flora Lake FundA -0.13% -9.71%  50K
Diamond -3.21% -7.34% 150K


Crypto Futures

 Program  Last Month  YTD Minimum
 Systematic AlphaQ -1.24% 14.12% 100K


Past Performance is Not Necessarily Indicative of Future Results.
Q indicates program only available to Qualified Eligible Persons (QEPs).
indicates a private fund offered by RCM affiliate Attain Portfolio Advisors.
‘Compound ROR’ is the annual rate of return which, if compounded since the program’s inception, would equal the cumulative gain over that period.
‘Max DD’ is the worst peak to valley loss incurred since inception, on a month end basis.
‘Min Investment’ amounts are listed in thousands of dollars (‘K’) or millions of dollars (‘MM’).
‘Inception’ is the year that the program’s track record began.
Data through March 31.

The performance data displayed herein is compiled from various sources, including BarclayHedge, and reports directly from the advisors. These performance figures should not be relied on independent of the individual advisor's disclosure document, which has important information regarding the method of calculation used, whether or not the performance includes proprietary results, and other important footnotes on the advisor's track record.

Benchmark index performance is for the constituents of that index only, and does not represent the entire universe of possible investments within that asset class. And further, that there can be limitations and biases to indices such as survivorship, self reporting, and instant history.

Managed futures accounts can subject to substantial charges for management and advisory fees. The numbers within this website include all such fees, but it may be necessary for those accounts that are subject to these charges to make substantial trading profits in the future to avoid depletion or exhaustion of their assets.

Investors interested in investing with a managed futures program (excepting those programs which are offered exclusively to qualified eligible persons as that term is defined by CFTC regulation 4.7) will be required to receive and sign off on a disclosure document in compliance with certain CFT rules The disclosure documents contains a complete description of the principal risk factors and each fee to be charged to your account by the CTA, as well as the composite performance of accounts under the CTA's management over at least the most recent five years. Investor interested in investing in any of the programs on this website are urged to carefully read these disclosure documents, including, but not limited to the performance information, before investing in any such programs.

Those investors who are qualified eligible persons as that term is defined by CFTC regulation 4.7 and interested in investing in a program exempt from having to provide a disclosure document and considered by the regulations to be sophisticated enough to understand the risks and be able to interpret the accuracy and completeness of any performance information on their own.

RCM receives a portion of the commodity brokerage commissions you pay in connection with your futures trading and/or a portion of the interest income (if any) earned on an account's assets. The listed manager may also pay RCM a portion of the fees they receive from accounts introduced to them by RCM.

See the full terms of use and risk disclaimer here.