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Staff Profiles

Lauren Berliner
Investor Relations Manager

"My goal is to have you sitting in a five star hotel asking yourself why their service can't be as good as what you receive at Attain"

Lauren Berliner

Careers with Attain


Picture of Attain Capital employees on the trading desk, intern working hard, and John Cummings, Trading Research manager

Delivering superior client service and optimal results is what drives Attain Capital Management's growth and success. Our firm cannot deliver upon that promise without the total dedication and support of an incredibly talented staff. Our people share common values derived from integrity and excellence. We are proud of our people and all that they contribute to not only our business, but more importantly, to our client's ongoing interests. If you would like to join an environment where intellect, imagination and achievement are recognized and rewarded, think about joining Attain Capital Management, a culture where people understand and support your desire to be the best at what you do.

ACM Values

We value honesty and integrity in an environment of mutual trust and respect. Our focus is on fairness, teamwork, tolerance, family, and community, all the while providing added value to our clients. We value our associates as much as our clients, because they are both critical to our success. We especially appreciate our associates' commitment to Attain Capital, and in return seek to provide unique opportunities for them to develop.

Current Positions Available

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Communications/Research Associate
  3. SQL Server Developer
  4. Sales Associate
  5. Marketing/Sales Internship
  6. Research Analyst Internship

If you are interested in applying for any of the listed positions, please email your resume and cover letter to our Human Resources Department at the address below, indicating what position you are interested in. No phone calls please.

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