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About Attain

Attain Capital Management ("Attain") is a specialized asset management firm built upon the belief that an investment portfolio with substantial exposure to managed futures programs will outperform traditional stock, bond, and real estate portfolios over the long term.

Why do we believe this? Managed futures have gained an average of +14% during the past 6 major market crisis periods (9/11, internet bubble, credit crisis, etc), as compared to world stocks being down an average of -26% during those periods, while posting positive returns during the good times too. [past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results]

Attain has been helping both individual and institutional investors identify and invest in managed futures programs since the firm's inception in 2002, and currently allocate client funds to over 30 advisors managing over $6.4 Billion.

You can think of us as talent scouts, helping investors scour the world of alternative investment opportunities in an effort to identify those with robust, consistent performance, sophisticated risk management processes, and well developed operational infrastructure. After identifying programs that meet our client's criteria and make it through our due diligence process, we aid our clients in building out their managed futures portfolio while providing ongoing monitoring and due diligence on the managers they have selected.

We have pulled over 3600 managed futures programs into our database for further analysis, filtering that down to a list of just over 230 we rank with our proprietary algorithm and believe are investable; and further filtering that down to a recommended list of 14 programs.

Finally, we believe education is a key ingredient to having success with a managed futures investment, and have authored 481 (and counting) articles and research reports over the years, and share more frequent commentary and ideas on our popular Managed Futures Blog.

Collaborating with Clients

But what really sets Attain apart from other futures firms is our ongoing collaboration with clients. If you have ever waited a few days for a response to an email, called your broker after 5 PM to find nobody there, or had to say your account number when calling in to your brokerage firm - you are no doubt ready for an entirely different kind of experience where we actually work with you - on your terms and schedule.

It is not unusual for our team members to spend a few hours on the phone with a client fine tuning a portfolio, poring over data, or going over new account documents; and it is not unusual for one of our team to answer your call at 7 PM. We're here to listen and here to work with our clients to achieve their goals.

This is made possible by having a dedicated trading desk and a dedicated investor relations manager. Because the trading desk is responsible for all aspects of trading, Attain's client facing team is never tied to the markets, and therefore available throughout the day to spend time with clients. In similar fashion, because our investor relations manager's sole job is to make opening and maintaining an account at Attain as easy and seamless as possible, Attain's client facing team is never bogged down in paperwork and phone calls to the clearing firm. Instead, they are just a phone call away for our clients.

Beyond the collaborative experience, Attain Capital embraces an old fashioned customer service mentality where the phone never rings twice and associates know you by name. We know many firms claim such things, and we invite you to let us prove to you that there is nothing more important to us than building a long lasting, trustworthy relationship with each of our customers.

Investment Philosophy

Attain's philosophy is to meet investors' exact risk and reward targets through portfolios of technically-based trading systems, professional commodity trading advisors, and managed Forex programs. We work with each client to construct portfolios using a multidimensional diversification strategy which allots capital to different markets, trading strategies, and time frames.

We are not content to merely provide clients with a "menu" to choose from, and wish to have some "skin" in the game by actually recommending specific systems and managed futures programs. The selection of our recommended trading systems and advisors follows a rigorous quantitative analysis that considers the past performance, liquidity and volatility of markets traded, types of strategies employed, trade duration, risk of loss, and probability of achieving performance objectives.

Attain has put this quantitative analysis to use in researching close to one thousand different trading systems and advisors to insure the much smaller portfolio of systems, CTAs, and Forex programs we do recommend give our clients the best chance for success.

The portfolios resulting from our exhaustive testing and multi-dimensional approach give Attain clients the ability to profit (or suffer losses) in virtually any environment, be it rising or falling markets, quick or long term moves, or trending versus oscillating markets.


Attain is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") as an Independent Introducing Broker and is a member of the National Futures Association ("NFA") and Managed Funds Association ("MFA"). Their managed funds arm, Attain Portfolio Advisors is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator.


Attain is actively led by founding partners Walter Gallwas and Jeff Malec, who have concentrated on assembling an intellectual team as skilled with computer programming and quantitative analysis as they are with trading and markets.

Attain is headquartered Chicago, Illinois.

Get free access to our managed futures & trading system knowledge and data by signing up on our website (click here), or call to get an answer to a specific question or set up a personal meeting to learn more. We answer the phone in ONE (1) ring, each time, every time - try it: 800.311.1145

*Managed Futures = CSFB/Tremont Managed Futures Index. World Stocks = MSCI World Index. These indices are designed to represent the performance of each asset class as a whole, but may not be representative of any specific managed futures or stock market investment and do not include the entire universe of managed futures or stocks, only those chosen by the index.

Important Risk Disclosure
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