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With our Trading System Execution Services, Attain executes the specific buy and sell signals of a trading system(s) you have directed us to follow for your account. Many traders find that systems trading can take far more time, experience and expense than they may have anticipated, and welcome the freedom and cost savings of this service.

How it works at Attain

Our Trading System Broker services start with one of our Trading System Brokers working one on one with investors to select a Trading System or portfolio of systems which best fits with their investing goals and risk appetite. This includes sharing our research and due diligence, actual fills of clients using the trading system, and statistical performance evaluations.

The next step is to open a futures trading account with us. Our registered futures trading system brokers and dedicated Investor Relations Manager assist investors every step of the way, getting the proper account forms to investors by Fed Ex, fax, or email; then working with them personally to insure their account is set up and funded properly.

We facilitate the purchase or lease of the Trading System from the System Developer, acting as the liaison between the investor and developer, reviewing invoices and deducting system fees straight out of client accounts monthly to avoid clumsy online credit card processing, or having to send money to an unknown entity.

Once everything is in place and you've said "Go!", our Trading System Brokers handle all aspects of your trading systems investment, from implementing any software or data upgrades to placing orders on the trading floor. Our offsite backups, rotating system specialists, and most of all - our experienced staff - make sure your account makes the exact profit or loss issued by the trading system after all commissions, fees, and any slippage. Should there be an error or some sort of mistake on our part in which your account does not receive the same trade the system issued - we make your account good - crediting any missed profits, minus commissions, fees, and potential slippage. We also use the average pricing system, where all clients trading a particular system receive the same price on entries and exits (an average of all the execution prices for all the clients on each order).

Finally, Attain works with clients to manage their overall portfolio, setting up sub-accounts for trading and tracking multiple systems, hedging currency risk for foreign investors, and setting up cash accounts which earn interest through US Treasury Bills.


Attain's list of recommended Trading Systems (in BOLD) on the Trading Systems performance page is sorted by Attain's Flag ranking system, with 5 flags being the best. Our rankings are based on eight different statistical categories, which measure risk and experience along with performance. We are not content to merely show the top percentage gainers, and instead view performance in relation to risk as the most important. Those systems not in Bold are ones Attain does not currently work with and doesn't recommend trading.

System Research

Attain's extensive trading system research follows a rigorous quantitative analysis that considers the back tested performance of the strategy, liquidity and volatility of markets traded, types of strategies employed, trade duration, risk of loss, and probability of achieving performance objectives.

Attain has put this quantitative analysis to use in researching close to one thousand different trading systems and advisors to insure the much smaller portfolio of trading systems we do recommend give our clients the best chance for success.

Realistic performance data has been hard to come by for many publicly available trading systems over the years, but Attain has solved the problem by creating a one of a kind database of historical trading performance and actual fill trading results.

Attain has tracked the actual buy and sell prices of every single trading system trade since our inception (tens of thousands of trades), and believes presenting performance statistics based on these actual fills gives the investors as true a picture of what to expect from a system as possible.

We augment our actual client fills with computer back testing. Together, the actual client and computer generated fills create our one of a kind database, which allows users to view the most realistic trading system performance statistics available today.

Added Benefits

There are several added benefits of having your Trading System investment executed through Attain, which may not be available elsewhere.

To learn more about our Trading System Broker services, email or call us at 800.311.1145 to speak with a trading system specialist. We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about trading systems and Attain's auto-execution services. We answer the phone in One (1) ring every time - try it.

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