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Family Office Consulting

While there are other platforms and websites from which family office managers can view menus of managed futures programs, finding a professional firm which understands the nuances of each of those managers and how they may fit into a specific family office mandate or investment philosophy can prove quite difficult.

Outsource your Managed Futures Research

Attain takes a different approach, where we not only provide our extensive research, due diligence, and data on hundreds of managed futures programs; but also work with family office investment managers to craft a portfolio of managers which best fits with the risk and reward levels they are targeting.

And the best part, we do all of this for free. Attain does not charge any overlay fees for its consulting or access to its database; instead aligning itself with the client by sharing in the performance fees of the managers eventually chosen.

At Attain, we realize that it may often be cost prohibitive to hire an in-house resource dedicated to the managed futures space, when the allocation to managed futures may only be a very small percentage of the overall assets of the family office.

We help by allowing the family office to outsource the managed futures research, due diligence, data collection, and ongoing monitoring of accounts to our team of experienced managed futures specialists.

It starts with free access to our extensive database of managed futures programs comprised of those publicly known and viewable on other sites plus those only available at Attain and in our database.

From there, Attain works with the family office investment team or research team to provide due diligence information which matters to the family office. Is there a particular piece of due diligence information not available in the standard materials? Attain will acquire it. Want to know our gut feeling on managers we've met face to face? Attain will provide it - good or bad.

Finally, if the family office trustees or manager requires research and investment ideas be presented in a specific format - Attain will create custom reports and documentation in that format.


If the family office is just looking into learning more about the managed futures space, Attain has authored over 481 white papers and articles on topics related to managed futures via its managed futures newsletter and is happy to help educate members of the family office and/or their investment team on the unique benefits and risks associated with managed futures.

This includes doing custom research for family office investors such as specific program and portfolio correlations to existing investments; stress tests and risk analysis on specific managed futures programs to insure their worst case scenarios fit within the family office mandate, and so on.

Other benefits:

To learn more about how Attain can fit into your family office's plans to access managed futures investments, please call Attain's President and founding partner: Walter Gallwas at 312.604.0926.

Important Risk Disclosure
Important risk disclosure for alternative investments