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Attain is a managed futures brokerage firm which assists investors with investing through professional money managers known as Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs). CTAs belong to an asset class called Managed Futures. Learn more about Managed Futures and CTAs here. Attain helps investors select a Managed Futures Program that’s right for them, open a trading account for the CTA to manage, and monitor the trading activity of the Managed Futures Program on an ongoing basis.

How it works at Attain

Our Managed Futures Broker services start with one of our Managed Futures specialists working one on one with investors to select a CTA or portfolio of CTAs which best fits with their investing goals and risk appetite. This includes sharing our due diligence reports, personal experience with the advisors, and statistical performance evaluations.

Attain works with many different types of investors and account types, including the everyday investor, high net worth individuals, corporate accounts, IRA and 401K allocators, pensions, and family offices. (to learn more about our family office consulting services, please click here).

Once a selection is made, Attain assists investors in opening and funding an account for the CTA to manage - acting as the liaison between the client, advisor, and clearing firm to insure all of the proper paperwork and disclosures are signed off on.

After the account has started trading, Attain monitors the account daily on behalf of the client to ensure that performance is tracking with historical averages, that the advisor is following his/her strategy, and that the fees being charged by the advisor are correct.

Finally, Attain works with clients to manage their overall portfolio, setting up sub-accounts for multiple advisor trading and tracking, relating multiple accounts' margin balances to enable notional trading, hedging currency risk for foreign investors, and setting up cash accounts which earn interest through U.S. Treasury Bills.


Attain's list of recommended Managed Futures Programs on the Managed Futures Performance page is sorted by Attain's Flag ranking system, with 5 flags being the best. Our rankings are based on eight different statistical categories which measure risk and experience along with performance. We are not content to merely show the top percentage gainers, and instead view performance in relation to risk as the most important.

Those advisors not in Bold are ones Attain does not currently work with. If they are a CTA with only a 1 or 2 flag rating, we probably don't work with them on purpose - finding them too risky or not experienced enough - and include them for comparison only. If they are highly ranked with 3, 4, or 5 flags, yet not in BOLD - it is likely we intend to add them to our recommended list - yet have not finished our due diligence on the Managed Futures Program yet.

Due Diligence

Attain does extensive research on the Performance AND Quality of hundreds of Managed Futures Programs through our due diligence process, with only those managers we would feel comfortable investing our own money in making our recommended list.

A due diligence review of the advisor’s performance and risk figures, maximum drawdowns, use of margin, correlation studies, risk ratios, fees, capacity, and more provides a quantitative, technical view.

Analysis of the CTA’s background, organizational structure, accounting, trade execution, risk procedures, trading logic, capacity, and more provide a qualitative, fundamental view.

By combining both the performance (quantitative) review and quality (qualitative) review, Attain can provide the investor with a better overall picture of a particular Managed Futures Program.

Added Benefits

There are several added benefits of having your Managed Futures Account traded through Attain, which may not be available elsewhere.

To learn more about our Managed Futures Broker services, email or call us at 800.311.1145 to speak with a commodity trading advisor specialist. We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about managed futures and Attain's commodity trading advisor services. We answer the phone in One (1) ring every time - try it.

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