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Call us at 800.311.1145 to speak with one of our alternative investment specialists. We answer the phone in One Ring. Try It.Learn how family offices outsource the managed futures research, due diligence, data collection, and ongoing monitoring of accounts to AttainClick below to learn how attain can assist your CTA in everything from back office creation and trade execution to finding a lawyer to create your D-DocNo upfront fees for managed futures funds is one of the unique benefits of a managed futures account at Attain

Trading System Development

Attain Capital seeks out talented traders, assists them in getting their trading ideas programmed into an automated trading system, tests the system on our data, and then markets the trading system to Attain's client base and wide network of brokers, FCMs, CTAs, hedge funds, and more.

Consulting for Trading System Developers

The end result for those developing a system is a complete solution ranging from assistance with the system logic to access to revenue producing end users who pay for use of the system. Attain has been focused on trading systems and doing just this since its inception.

In 1998, Attain founding partner Walter Gallwas asked one of his clients, Jack Telford, if Jack would consider allowing some of Walter's other clients to follow the signals of a trading system Mr. Telford had coded into TradeStation. Mr. Telford said yes, for a small fee - and in doing so the system assist model as it is known today* was born.

That system became known as Compass S&P, and over 12 years and hundreds of clients later; Attain is still trading the Compass trading system for its clients, making it the longest track record of actual client fills we know of. View the track record length of various trading systems on our trading system performance [past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results]

"I've worked with Walter, John and the rest of the team at Attain for over 12 years. Through highs and lows of Compass their support of my system development efforts have been unparalleled. There were numerous times that I thought I would be back working a 9-5 job. But because of Attain's support I've been able to continue to do what I love, trading system development. Their trading system experience, knowledge, and ability to sell is second to none in the futures industry."

- Jack Telford, Compass SP

It takes an awful lot to become the next Compass, including code robust enough to last over the years and a support team willing to sell the program even when it is not the 'flavor of the month'; but Attain is constantly seeking out trading systems and developers who are up to the challenge.

Attain does not work with everyone who wishes to become a trading system developer, and puts potential trading systems through rigorous testing prior to accepting new systems on our 'platform'. This testing includes applying realistic slippage and commission numbers such as $50 per trade for an emini S&P trading system, deducting the cost of the system, and running the system on out of sample data. In addition, we require all trading systems invested in by our clients are run in house, on our machines, so we can insure our clients are not at risk from communication line failures, bad data, and so on.

If you have a trading system which will hold up to this type of stress testing and you believe can consistently post above average risk adjusted returns, Attain Capital would love to work with you. To learn more about how Attain can help turn your trading system into a business - call John Cummings at 800.311.1145

*Prior to that, people purchased trading systems, and system developers had to support software, build websites, handle payments, and field customer calls, questions, and complaints. Today, most system-assist business is done via a monthly subscription to the signals, with the client never having contact with the developer of the system.

Important Risk Disclosure
Important risk disclosure for alternative investments