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Call us at 800.311.1145 to speak with one of our alternative investment specialists. We answer the phone in One Ring. Try It.Learn how family offices outsource the managed futures research, due diligence, data collection, and ongoing monitoring of accounts to AttainWe assist talented traders in getting their trading ideas into an automated trading system, do testing, marketing, and moreNo upfront fees for managed futures funds is one of the unique benefits of a managed futures account at Attain

Managed Futures Consulting

Attain has assisted over 50 commodity trading advisors, or CTAs, in launching their programs and attracting investors; and has launched three of its own managed futures programs. In this experience, we have compiled a one of a kind network of legal, marketing, compliance, performance reporting, execution, and sales contacts that we believe is unmatched in the industry. We welcome existing managers, newly formed managers and those thinking of launching a CTA to use Attain as a sounding board and in depth resource for growing your managed account business.

Consulting for New & Existing CTAs

Our CTA consulting services assist managers in all aspects of a managed futures program business, including:

  • Accounting
  • Back Office
  • Business Diversification
  • Client Relations
  • Compliance
  • Trade Execution
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Research & Testing
  • Sales / Cap Intro

If you thought all it took was a robust trading program and an order entry platform, you're not alone. Many newly launched CTAs are more focused on the trading side of being a CTA than the business side. And that can be enough to grow a modest business managing $1 Million to $10 Million. But as assets grow, the business side of being a CTA becomes equally as important and actually more time consuming. And when a CTA starts spending more time on running the business than focusing on the trading and trading models - performance can suffer.

Attain works with Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) of all shapes and sizes to quickly identify areas managers may need assistance with, and then provides the contacts for resources to address those areas. Some of our help is as simple as a recommendation on a lawyer to put together a disclosure document for a new program, while other parts of our consulting can be as involved as testing a new trading filter against our database of hundreds of thousands of real life trades from trading system and managed futures accounts.

Access Investor Sentiment

One of the most used aspects of our CTA consulting services is access to our brokers and salesman to ascertain the collective thoughts of Attain's clients. What sort of programs are seeing the most interest right now? What are they scared of? What sort of risk are they willing to accept? Would lower fees entice more customers? Where should I set commissions? Would a new program doing xyz see success?

All of these types of questions are easily answered by our sales staff, which can assist managers with that toughest of questions - will this sell? Build it and they will come doesn't usually work in the investment world, and our insight into what we believe Attain's customers will buy can help greatly in setting up a managed futures program.

Further, those managers getting an account going on Attain's books gain an extra level of access to our sales team, research department, and clients. Once on our 'platform', the advanced tools available to our sales team and clients will make those CTAs who have such data available more attractive than those who do not.

The best part of all - Attain's CTA consulting services are free. We believe answering new managers' question of 'how to become a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor)' will help Attain's clients in the long term, by helping us to identify emerging talent and provide access to that talent to our clients. To learn more about how Attain can help your CTA business - call John Cummings at 800.311.1145.

Important Risk Disclosure
Important risk disclosure for alternative investments