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Call us at 800.311.1145 to speak with one of our alternative investment specialists. We answer the phone in One Ring. Try It.Learn how family offices outsource the managed futures research, due diligence, data collection, and ongoing monitoring of accounts to AttainClick below to learn how attain can assist your CTA in everything from back office creation and trade execution to finding a lawyer to create your D-DocWe assist talented traders in getting their trading ideas into an automated trading system, do testing, marketing, and moreNo upfront fees for managed futures funds is one of the unique benefits of a managed futures account at Attain


Attain believes in openly collaborating with industry peers including new and existing commodity trading advisors, traders looking to market a trading system, and brokers and brokerage firms whose clients would benefit from the tools and research available at Attain.

Why Re-Invent the Wheel

Attain has spent nearly a decade dealing with all things related to trading systems and managed futures, and believes in sharing our amassed knowledge, contacts, and tools with industry peers so that the industry as a whole benefits and continues to grow.

Why spend time, money, and other resources re-learning mistakes that have already been made by Attain and others in the industry; when you could instead learn from those mistakes and re-deploy precious assets where they are best served (bringing in leads versus fixing data issues on a website, for example).

We currently do active consulting for many different managed futures managers, have product development and marketing deals with a handful of FCMs, do system execution for numerous different introducing brokers, provide research and due diligence materials to some introducing brokers, and have assisted dozens of different individuals with trading system development ending in the leasing of their signals.

Managed Futures Consulting / Become a CTA

For existing Commodity Trading Advisors, Attain's Managed Futures consulting services go beyond Attain's normal business of capital introduction, and range from helping CTAs recognize additional revenue sources to assisting them in lowering give up fees and other execution costs.

For newly formed CTAs and those wondering how to become a CTA, Attain can assist in everything from back office creation and trade execution to finding a lawyer to create your disclosure document.

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Trading System Development / Consulting

For those looking at turning their automated trading strategy, trading model, or trading idea into a business, Attain's Trading System Development services do just that.

Attain Capital seeks out talented traders, assists them in getting their trading ideas programmed into an automated trading system, tests the system on our data, and then markets the trading system to Attain's client base and wide network of brokers, FCMs, CTAs, hedge funds, and more.

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Revenue Sharing Partnerships / Become an affiliate

Through becoming an affiliate of Attain, outside brokers, brokerage firms, FCMs, and investment advisors have all leveraged Attain's resources to bring managed futures and trading system investments to their clients.

These past partnerships have allowed us to do the legal legwork to insure all payments are done in compliance with NFA and CFTC regulations, and create mechanisms such as non competes and non disclosures through which the outside parties' clients are protected.

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Family Office / Investment Advisor Consulting

We realize that it may often be cost prohibitive for a family office or investment advisor catering to family offices, pensions, and other institutional investors to hire an in-house resource dedicated to the managed futures space, when the allocation to managed futures may only be a very small percentage of the overall assets of the investor.

We help by allowing the family office or other institutional investor to outsource the managed futures research, due diligence, data collection, and ongoing monitoring of accounts to our team of experienced managed futures specialists.

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Other Services

Examples of Attain Partnership possibilities:

To learn more about how our consulting and partnership possibilities can work for you , email or call Walter Gallwas at 800.311.1145. We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Important Risk Disclosure
Important risk disclosure for alternative investments