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Call us at 800.311.1145 to speak with one of our alternative investment specialists. We answer the phone in One Ring. Try It.Learn how family offices outsource the managed futures research, due diligence, data collection, and ongoing monitoring of accounts to AttainClick below to learn how attain can assist your CTA in everything from back office creation and trade execution to finding a lawyer to create your D-DocWe assist talented traders in getting their trading ideas into an automated trading system, do testing, marketing, and moreNo upfront fees for managed futures funds is one of the unique benefits of a managed futures account at Attain


Looking for lower minimum access to managers? Want the limited liability of a fund vehicle? An advisor looking to recommend a futures based investment to your clients?

In addition to our work helping clients access managed futures via individually managed accounts, Attain Portfolio Advisors operates a Fund platform enabling access to top rated CTA programs at much lower minimums. Attain Portfolio Advisors is a registered Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor with more than a decade of experience managing privately offered managed futures funds for investors including high net worth individuals, family offices, investment advisors, and more.

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The Platform

The Attain platform emerged from not being content to merely provide clients with a “menu” or “market” of programs to choose from, and instead wishing to have some “skin” in the game by creating branded funds around those programs we believe in and will allocate our own money to.

The selection of our fund advisors follows a rigorous analysis of countless amounts of strategy variations being executed over hundreds of futures markets by thousands of different CTAs. The resulting single manager funds provide access to the main trading categories within the managed futures space:
The funds are all registered Commodity Pools with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC); and clients can transfer between any of the funds on the Platform, and see their fund investments on their normal account statements at custodians like Schwab, Fidelity, & more.

Finally, Attain’s fund platform utilize the latest best practices in fund management and operation, including but not limited to:
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Important Risk Disclosure
Important risk disclosure for alternative investments