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Commodity Broker Services

Attain was founded with the simple idea of being a completely different type of commodity broker service. The classic futures broker is often in it for a quick buck, constantly needing new clients to offset the ones who lose money and close their accounts, and generally more interested in how they are going to make money than how the client can make money.

The philosophy at Attain is completely different, where our futures brokers actually look out for the client's best interest, where it isn't all about commissions and fees, and where our commodity brokers tell you not what they think you want to hear, but what they think is best for you.

Three ways Attain puts the client's interest first

How it works at Attain:

Attain's commodity broker services start with one of our futures brokers working one on one with investors to select a trading system, managed futures program, or managed forex program (or custom portfolio containing some of each) which best fits with their investing goals and risk appetite. This includes sharing our due diligence reports, computer backtesting, personal experience with the advisors, and statistical performance evaluations.

Once a selection is made, Attain assists investors in opening and funding a futures trading account - acting as the liaison between the client, advisor, and clearing firm to insure all of the proper paperwork and disclosures are signed off on.

After the account has started trading, Attain's commodity brokers monitor the account daily on behalf of the client to ensure that performance is tracking with historical averages, that the advisor is following his/her strategy, that system signals are correctly lining up, and that the fees being charged by the advisor are correct.

Finally, your futures broker will work with you to manage the overall portfolio, setting up sub- accounts for multiple advisor trading and tracking, relating multiple accounts' margin balances to enable notional trading, hedging currency risk for foreign investors, and setting up cash accounts which earn interest through U.S. Treasury Bills.

Added Benefits

There are several added benefits of having your Futures Trading Account traded through Attain's commodity broker services:

To learn more about our commodity brokers, short biographies are available on our futures broker page. You can also email or call us at 800.311.1145 to speak with one of our specialists today. We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about managed futures, trading systems, forex and the rest of Attain's commodity broker services. We answer the phone in One (1) ring every time - try it.

Looking to become a commodity broker at Attain, please visit our become an Attain affiliate page for more details.

Important Risk Disclosure
Important risk disclosure for alternative investments