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Managed Futures Rankings

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The managed futures rankings table is currently showing page 10 of 32, with the #181 through #200 ranked programs, amongst the 635 CTAs in Attain's entire database. The highlighted programs are in your watchlist. Recommended programs are in BOLD.

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The name of the CTA and program
Attain's overall statistical rating (out of 5) of the program, based on all-time program return data
The minimum capital required as an initial investment with this advisor, in thousands
The rate of return which, if compounded over the number of years in the period analyzed, would yield the cumulative gain or loss achieved during that period, based on all-time program return data
Compound RoR
Maximum peak to valley equity loss, as a percentage of compounded capital, based on all-time return data
Max DD
Compound RoR - Risk-Free Rate) / StDev of Monthly Returns, based on all-time program return data
(Compound RoR) / (Avg Annual DD - 10%), based on all-time program return data
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Molinero Capital Management LLP
Global Markets
Rank: 181 of 260 3,000k 5.01% -23.04%
Saxon Investment Corporation
Rank: 182 of 260 3,000k 12.51% -41.55%
Witter & Lester, Inc.
Stock Index Futures
Rank: 183 of 260 400k 24.06% -54.74%
Clarke Capital Management, Inc.
Rank: 184 of 260 3,000k 11.35% -44.78%
MN Xenon
Global Fixed Income 2X
Rank: 185 of 260 2,000k -4.98% -29.40%
Adamah Capital LLC
Global Macro
Rank: 186 of 260 450k -6.02% -23.11%
Adamah Capital LLC
Asset Allocator
Rank: 187 of 260 50k -5.48% -22.15%
Hawksbill Capital Management
Global Diversified
Rank: 188 of 260 5,000k 16.27% -62.98%
NuWave Investment Mgmt, LLC
Combined Futures (2X)
Rank: 189 of 260 20,000k 7.81% -30.64%
Adamah Capital LLC
Rank: 190 of 260 250k -6.17% -25.16%
Mobius Asset Management, Inc.
Custom Trading
Rank: 191 of 260 100k 5.82% -34.48%
Alesia Capital Management LLC
Rank: 192 of 260 30k 1.31% -28.50%
Fairfield Advisors, LLC
FCMax - Prop
Rank: 193 of 260 250k 4.82% -32.23%
Blackheath Fund Mgmt Inc.
Sentiment Strategy
Rank: 195 of 260 500k 9.21% -33.92%
Crabel Capital Mgmt.
Buethe Crabel Div. Futures 4X
Rank: 196 of 260 10,000k 9.07% -24.89%
Conquest Capital Group LLC
Conquest Select
Rank: 197 of 260 10,000k 2.75% -31.85%
Bayou City Capital, LP QEP Rank: 198 of 260 100k 20.61% -80.35%
Paramount Capital Management LLC QEP Rank: 199 of 260 100k 8.71% -57.77%
M.S. Capital Management Limited
Gl. Diversified
Rank: 200 of 260 2,000k 2.93% -35.62%
Saxon Investment Corporation
Aggressive Diversified
Rank: 201 of 260 2,000k 17.73% -65.86%

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QEP = These programs are offered only to Qualified Eligible Participants as the term is defined under CFTC Regulation 4.7.