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Alternative Investment Performance

Attain Capital Management has spent years building its database of alternative investment performance, and is happy to share that performance data with those who signup for free access to our website.

Access four different types of alternative investment performance via the links below.

Managed Futures alternative investment performance gives access to over 3203 professional commodity trading advisor programs, also known as managed futures.

Trading systems alternative investment performance gives access to over 606 automated futures trading systems, which are provided by third party trading system developers whose code runs in house on Attain Capital's specialized trading machines.

Managed Forex alternative investment performance gives access to over 408 professional forex trading managers, whom manage money via the global foreign exchange market.

The alternative investment performance under Custom Portfolios gives access to an infinite number of investment combinations containing various managed futures programs, trading systems, and managed forex programs you choose. It is the only freely available, online portfolio builder we know of in the industry which allows users to combine these three different types of alternative investments.

Call us at 800.311.1145 for a personal tour of the alternative investment performance on our website to insure you are accessing the advanced features available for sorting, filtering, and combining all of the data. We answer the phone in ONE (1) ring every time - try it.

Important Risk Disclosure
Important risk disclosure for alternative investments