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Alternative Investment Education

We believe any investment should be carefully considered and completely understood before it is made, and know that such knowledge is perhaps even more important when looking at lesser known alternative investments in managed futures, trading systems, and managed forex.


For that reason, we strive to provide as much education and knowledge as possible (for free) to our clients and users of our website; knowing that they can be paramount to success with alternative investments. You will find general alternative investment education on the website covering:

Whether you are brand new to alternative investments or have been investing in managed futures and trading systems for years - Attain is happy to answer any questions you may have. Our team is just as comfortable addressing entry level educational topics such as how notional funding works or how to earn interest in your account; as they are with more advanced alternative investment education topics like using foreign bonds as margin collateral or trading a program's equity curve.

This education includes doing custom research for investors such as specific program and portfolio correlations to existing investments; stress tests and risk analysis on specific managed futures programs to insure their worst case scenarios fit within an investor's target parameters, and walking investors through the various reports on alternative investment performance.

Alternative Investment Overview:

What is an alternative investment? How are they different than stocks, bonds, and real estate?

Our overview section helps answer those questions and more, by explaining the risk and reward characteristics of various alternative investment asset classes, including managed futures, hedge funds, real estate; and long commodities.

Managed Futures Education:

What is Managed Futures? Is it the same thing as Commodity Trading Advisors, CTAs, or Managed Accounts? (yes, yes, yes). What sort of performance does this asset class achieve on average? How can you invest?

Our Managed Futures Education explains all of this and more, laying out who the professionals behind the trading are, how the asset class has performed versus traditional investments, and how investors can utilize special features of managed futures (cross margin, notional funding, and treasury bills) to enhance their managed futures investment.

Trading System Education:

What is a trading system? Are they the same thing as trading models, automated trading, or online trading platforms? (yes, yes, no) Who develops them, and how are they executed for client accounts?

Our Trading Systems Education explains everything you need to know about trading systems, from how (and who) develops them, how they are automatically executed for investors, to how you can invest in them.

Managed Forex Education:

How is Managed Forex different from the F/X trading you see advertised on television and online? How is it different from Managed Futures?

Our Managed Forex Education explains what managed forex actually means, who is doing the managing, and the pitfalls involved in this unpolished, and largely unregulated subset of the alternative investment universe.

Managed Futures Newsletter:

We have been writing a newsletter focusing on managed futures and trading systems every Monday (except a few holidays) since 2002, and have archived all of the past editions as a comprehensive knowledgebase covering basic to advanced topics.

You can read over 1,500 pages (and counting) of alternative investment education, research, and special reports by accessing our 370+ (and counting) past managed futures newsletters.

Alternative Investment Books:

Want to take your education beyond the materials available here on Attain's website? Our alternative investment books list includes some of the most thought provoking and interesting books we know of.

We tend to find 'how to trade' books unrealistic and usually quite boring, and for that reason don't have 'how to' types of books on our list. Our alternative investment reading recommendations are actually stories in their own right, whose interesting characters just happen to be real life traders/investors mixed up in one way or another with the world of investing.

Glossary of Futures Terms:

Confused what correlation means? How about the difference between the Sharpe and Sterling ratios? Our Alternative Investment Glossary describes many of the terms, statistics, and phrases investors need to know to speak the language of alternative investments (and managed futures and trading systems in particular).

Attain Answers:

Still looking for answers? Our Attain Answers section has answers to frequently asked questions by our client and website users on topics having to do with website usability issues, opening an account, and so on.

Have a question you can't find the answer to on our website or elsewhere on the internet - call us at 800.311.1145. We'll answer whatever alternative investment question you may have, and even if we can't - we'll do the research and testing to get the answer for you.

Important Risk Disclosure
Important risk disclosure for alternative investments